Cost of living in Bangalore

Everything You Need To Know About The Cost of living in Bangalore

If you’re reading this based on the headline, there’s a fair chance that you’re looking at Bangalore as an option to relocate to and you want to know how much life here would cost. Maybe the move is confirmed, maybe some decisions are yet to be reckoned, but what is certain is that it’s always […]

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co-living in India

Co-Living In India: Why Millennials Are Choosing This Lifestyle

There’s a bit of a worry about living options among millennials who work full-time jobs when it comes to seeking the right kind of residential spaces. They want all the facilities but don’t want to worry about the maintenance of those facilities. The cost of living is a concern too. As in, they don’t want […]

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tips for settling in a new city

9 Useful Tips for Settling in A New City

Some people dread it, some love it, but for many, it’s an inevitable part of life and moving forward. I’m talking about a relocation of course. More accurately, settling into a new city. It’s a bittersweet experience reaching that point where you have to make the decision to move. On one hand, you’re leaving a […]

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best breweries in koramangala

6 Must Try Breweries in Koramangala, Bangalore

For connoisseurs of beer, bottled beer just doesn’t cut it anymore. They need something finer. Something fresh. Something prepared just for them. And as it turns out, the growing revolution of microbreweries sprouting out all over Bangalore are perfect in quenching their thirst for quality beer. These breweries are everywhere, and it’s not just about […]

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renting trends amongst millennials in India

The Rising Renting Trends Amongst Millennials In India

An unexpected industry which is on the move towards an economic boom is the rental industry. This industry is projected to generate a revenue of around $335 billion globally, according to Pricewater Coopers. The rising renting trends amongst millennials in India has taken us all by storm and doesn’t look like it is slowing down […]

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water crises in indian cities

The Water Crisis In Indian Cities: How You Can Make A Difference

India, like many other parts of the world, has been escalating its concerns over the water scarcity issue over the recent years. This is an issue especially seen widely in a lot of the metros of India.  The availability of safe and clean, fresh water is a hot topic of debate. Though 70% of the […]

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security for women in India

The Role of a Good Home in the Security for Women in India

As time passes by, the security for women in India worsens at a deafening pace. Especially in light of recent incidences like the new years eve incident in Bangalore 2017, and many other such horrific incidents that the media brings to light, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a woman to live and walk freely […]

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millennials in India

7 things I Learned About Millennials in India

There is a lot of hype going on about millennials on the internet today. A lot of businesses claim to service millennials and use it in their taglines. Using the word millennial to describe their target audiences is just overrated and overused. I wanted to take a quick moment to address the most basic question […]

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yourownroom 2017-18

The YourOwnROOM Story 2017-18

It’s been a very satisfying year at YourOwnRoom. The financial year 2017–18 proved to be a very successful one and we’re humbled by the support we’ve received from all our tenants, homeowners, investors, strategic business partners, and followers. We would like to thank each one of you, individually and personally for the integral role you […]

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student housing in India

Student Housing in India: Why It’s A Golden Investment Opportunity

An unusual market development that is gradually emerging is student housing in India. With India’s ever-growing population which is reaching over 1.3 billion, a large part of it falls under the age of 24.  There is a population of 242 million Indians who are between the ages of 10 and 24, according to ‘World Population […]

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