Our Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2018

With the year nearing its end, we take a look back at the blog posts we published this calendar year. A lot of our posts revolve around the lifestyle of millennials, and for good reason, but we also cover topics of various other areas that are significantly affecting the real estate rental market in India. […]

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YourOwnROOM Features in India’s Proptech Market Map

We’re ecstatic to be featured in one of India’s premier alliances dedicated to Proptech.  The Built World Technology Alliance is a collective who share in a mission to accelerate the digital transformation of India’s real estate sector. This alliance aims to revolutionize the efficiency and safety of construction, to improve the performance of buildings and satisfaction […]

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renting co living spaces

Why Renting Co-living Spaces Is Becoming A Hot Trend In India

There’s no place like home. But unfortunately, as job opportunities take today’s young workforce to new cities, the unfamiliarity with the environment and emotional isolation from family and friends can take a toll on many. Gone are the days of work-life balance. We live in the era of work-life integration. This involves sacrifices, especially in […]

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online retail

Online Retail To Take A Four-Fold Jump To $73 Billion By 2022

Online retail is estimated to make a four-fold jump to $73 billion by the year 2022, owing greatly to shift by millennials from traditional shopping to e-commerce, taking advantage of cheap smartphones and high-speed data, according to property consultant Anarock. As a matter of fact, in the year 2017, the size of online retail stood […]

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7 Thrilling Weekend Adventure Sports In Pune You Must Try

What better to do on a weekend than meeting your friends for an activity that gets your adrenaline pumping? Even if you go alone, chances are you’re going to make quite a few new friends there. If you don’t know where to find such adventure sports in Pune, we’ve got you sorted. This article covers […]

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Cost of living in Bangalore

Everything You Need To Know About The Cost of living in Bangalore

If you’re reading this based on the headline, there’s a fair chance that you’re looking at Bangalore as an option to relocate to and you want to know how much life here would cost. Maybe the move is confirmed, maybe some decisions are yet to be reckoned, but what is certain is that it’s always […]

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co-living in India

Co-Living In India: Why Millennials Are Choosing This Lifestyle

There’s a bit of a worry about living options among millennials who work full-time jobs when it comes to seeking the right kind of residential spaces. They want all the facilities but don’t want to worry about the maintenance of those facilities. The cost of living is a concern too. As in, they don’t want […]

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tips for settling in a new city

9 Useful Tips for Settling in A New City

Some people dread it, some love it, but for many, it’s an inevitable part of life and moving forward. I’m talking about a relocation of course. More accurately, settling into a new city. It’s a bittersweet experience reaching that point where you have to make the decision to move. On one hand, you’re leaving a […]

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best breweries in koramangala

6 Must Try Breweries in Koramangala, Bangalore

For connoisseurs of beer, bottled beer just doesn’t cut it anymore. They need something finer. Something fresh. Something prepared just for them. And as it turns out, the growing revolution of microbreweries sprouting out all over Bangalore are perfect in quenching their thirst for quality beer. These breweries are everywhere, and it’s not just about […]

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