Why Is Home the Center of Your Universe?

Why Is Home the Center of Your Universe?

There is one thing that the pandemic has taught us that the Home is the center of the universe. It is no longer just a place where you go to retire to bed. It is now the place where you wine, dine, socialize, exercise and work.

Look at the number of hours you would have spent at home in the last 15 months? This is an irreversible trend. Folks will spend more time at home than ever before. This, of course, means that you have a good home and not just any house.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind while selecting a home.

Stay close to work

The biggest concern of most people who move to a new city is whether they’ll be able to find a good place to stay. Finding a rental apartment makes the process easier. In big, populous cities like Bengaluru and Pune, you can find apartments for rent in all areas of the city.

It’s easy to find a home near your workplace, which makes the commute easy. Moreover, the process of renting a home is faster and less complex than buying a home, so you can move to your new home in no time.

You Can Work from Home

Working from home is the new normal, but you can’t work from home if you don’t have a home. When you rent a house, you have the luxury of working comfortably from your house. Suppose you don’t feel like going to the office one day. You can stay at your home and work from there instead of being forced to travel to the office every day. Thus, you can live a more flexible and enjoyable life specially if you hire a home and office cleaning service to free more time for you.

You Can Invite Colleagues and Friends

Inviting colleagues and seniors to your home can go a long way in building strong relationships. By renting a residential apartment, you can invite people to your home for work or to simply have fun. You can also invite your friends, host home parties, and do various other things that people with a home can do.

You Have Peace of Mind

The pandemic forced thousands of migrants to move to their hometowns because they didn’t have an appropriate place to stay. This is especially true for people who lived in company-sponsored accommodations, hostels, or PGs. When workplaces were temporarily shut down, people living in these places had to move out.

When you rent a residential apartment, you don’t need to bother about moving out in emergency situations like the COVID-19. As long as you have access to basic amenities like food, water, and electricity, you can stay there and have peace of mind.

You Can Easily Move Out

Rentals add flexibility to your life. If you want to move to another apartment, you can easily move out of your currently rented apartment. Similarly, rented apartments make it easier to move to a new city if you plan to relocate again.

When you buy a residential apartment, you don’t have this flexibility. Moving out of your home isn’t possible, and if you must do so, you’ll certainly have to sell it at a good price. This entire process can be tedious and time-consuming.

Wrapping Up

While real estate investment might sound tempting, looking for property rentals is the best option for working professionals who relocate to a new city. Be sure to work with the best property management companies if you’re looking for residential apartments for rent.

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About the Author : Prabhat Kumar Tiwary is the Founder and CEO of YourOwnROOM which is a residential real estate prop-tech rental and property management company.

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