9 Common Problems Faced by Tenants, Now Resolved!

problems faced by tenants

9 Common Problems Faced by Tenants, Now Resolved!

Owning a house is a dream for almost every working man. Not being answerable to any landlord, free to live as one desires, not having to shell out every month in the form of rent; it’s the perfect way for one to live. However, for the average man, it takes time until this dream is turned into reality for him to call himself a “homeowner”, and until this dream is realized until he buys a house in the city of his preference, he’s forced to live as a tenant. And as a tenant, there are certain hardships or annoyances that are almost universal. Here we take a look at some of these common problems faced by tenants.

9 Common Problems Faced by Tenants, Now Resolved!

1) Finding the right home – The ideal piece of property is close to office & conveniently located near supermarkets, schools, malls and other hubs of activity essential for day to day needs. Ideally, it’s in a peaceful neighborhood. To top it all, it should fall within one’s budget. Proper screening is always a must before making any sort of decisions of occupying. Finding such a perfect location is always the difficult part. A lot of the working-class population are restricted to a time constraint, limiting their availability to visit locations that they shortlisted. In this hurdle, they might make decisions in haste. I must reiterate that proper screening before selecting a house is of utmost importance, no matter the situation.

2) Unaffordable rent – Rent is the inevitable burden on a tenant’s paycheck every single month & undoubtedly, this burden is more than just a little pinch of the tenant’s pockets. Especially, in this day & age, where the figures charged as rent are at their painful highest, most tenants aren’t at their house of preference for this purpose alone. It’s unfairly high, & just the location the house is in makes all the difference. It could be the exact same house, with the exact same dimensions & the exact same looks, just in two very different locations & the difference in rent asked for each house could be staggering. (Source: parkpl.co/phoenix)

3) Huge deposits – It is common for a tenant while looking at houses to find owners expecting exorbitant amounts as deposits. Some of them even ask for a whole year’s rent as security deposit at the time of transfer of the lease. While inconvenient, it’s a common practice, & tenants are forced to abide by this claim. This ordeal alone limits the options of tenants greatly in selecting a house to live in.

4) Incomplete refunds of deposits – While it’s a common practice to pay unfairly large amounts of money as security deposit while occupying a house, at the time of leaving, often, only a partial amount of this security deposit is returned to the tenant. The rest is kept by the homeowner, claiming it’s for maintenance, painting, damage, etc. This may or may not be specified in the rental agreement at the time of occupancy.

5) Privacy – Landlords are often possessive about their property & the fact that it’s occupied by a tenant doesn’t seem to make much of a significant difference to them to refrain them from continuing to keep a close eye. They often find themselves dropping by to check up on the house & on the lifestyle of the tenant to make sure everything is going smoothly as desired. This constant intrusion of privacy can be found as troublesome by tenants but there’s nothing they can do or say about it as they are forced to respect the whims of the landlords to continue to be living under their roofs.

6) Untimely eviction – Sudden eviction is a dreary reality faced by tenants all over cities. It’s the usage of one clause in the rental agreement that allows this to happen.  Even though the tenants pay rent faithfully, the landlords can ask tenants to vacate the property immediately, saying they need to be using it for personal reasons. The Rental Control Act favors the tenant and tenants cannot be evicted without prior notice. However, the landlords twist the act on their convenience by claiming that their family or acquaintances are going to use the house, leaving the helpless tenants with no choice but to vacate the property.

7) Unfair denial of bachelors – A lot of landlords straight up refuse to rent out to bachelors for many kinds of fears, especially that they are difficult to manage & might get themselves involved in illicit activities which only spells trouble for the landlords. Some believe there’s a much higher chance of bachelors damaging the property. It’s because of a few of such miscreants that everyone has a bad name among the bachelor population. It’s more of a stigma than a fact-based opinion that bachelors aren’t a good idea to rent to.

8) Rent inflation – As discussed earlier, major cities like Bangalore see high charges of rent being claimed all over. These figures only increase with time. It’s a one direction movement along those charts.  Landlords increase rent amounts usually on a yearly basis, without considering factors like the condition of the property or maintenance. This leaves tenants with two options. Either to pay up, or vacate the property

9) Dealing with brokers – Many people record it as an unpleasant experience. Most try to avoid them altogether. Brokers are usually a pain to deal with. Not only do they ask for one month’s rent as their commission, they often are very half-hearted in their approach of finding you a home to live in. They usually don’t care about your wants & preferences as long as their job is done. They decide the rents for the particular property and more often than not, tenants choose the wrong broker and end up in agony.

I’m sure that every tenant reading this has gone through one or more, if not all of these problems.  Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about these things too much anymore. Thanks to technology, we now have easy apartment rental solutions in India to help ease our search for great homes. This makes the entire house-hunting process a lot easier as if it were a walk in the park.

YourOwnROOM is one such solution that was created by people who were once tenants with these painful tasks.This online managed rental solution helps make the process easy for not just tenants, but also covers the whole 9 yards for homeowners as well. YourOwnROOM boasts of unmatched high-quality inventory of single and shared rooms catering to the millennials of India.

If you relate to the struggles of a tenant, let us know about your experiences in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!


  1. Vivek Vasudevan

    finding an accommodation in Bangalore especially as an outsider or a bachelor / spinster always comes along with various questions and issues of privacy and lots of rules…. Finally there are solutions are available now in the market to be able to avoid such issues and these things will change pretty quickly over time…

  2. Thota Rakesh

    This article covers all the problems faced by tenants.As I am staying in Hyderabad and I am completely new to this place I roamed on roads to find a good home at affordable cost.But it took a lot of time for me to find a good home.I am very happy that YourOwnROOM at Bangalore is solving all the problems of singles.

  3. Aprajita Mishra

    Apparently, the struggle doesn’t just end at selecting the place, negotiating the rent, paying the security deposit, brokerage and ultimately moving in. There are so many restrictions that you need to skirt around that people bound in straight jackets have more room to breathe than you. Awesome.

  4. neelotpal Chanda

    hi i am facing a problem with my landlord. He is not providing us the water.not providing us the rent receipt either

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